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Monterey Grass Getter Twin Pack - Half Pint


Monterey Grass Getter Twin Pack includes one bottle of Monterey Grass Getter and one bottle of Monterey Herbicide Helper (Oil Concentrate).

Monterey Grass Getter is a post-emergence grass herbicide. Monterey Grass Getter is for homeowner use on and around: Flowers, Evergreens, Ornamental Groundcovers, Bedding Plants, Shrubs, Trees, Fruits, Vegetables (See Crop Table on label for specific crops). Monterey Grass Getter is a systemic selective herbicide kills weedy grasses without injuring desirable plants. Monterey Grass Getter controls: Bermudagrass, crabgrass, foxtails, quackgrass and many other weedy grasses. Use with surfactant such as Herbicide Helper.

Monterey Herbicide Helper is a herbicide spreader and penetrant. Monterey Herbicide Helper improves wetting of foliage and results in faster weed kill. Use Monterey Herbicide Helper safely with most nonselective and selective herbicides such as Grass Getter. Monterey Herbicide Helper is widely used in herbicidal sprays.